Amazing Facts About Snakes

An Inland Taipan in the world is the most venomous snake in the world. One dose can kill 289 people. Second place can kill 65. By comparison, the Indian King Cobra can kill ten.

Many snakes are venomous, the Tiger Keelback Snake is the only snake species that is also poisonous. They sequester toxins from poisonous toads they eat and ooze it out of glands on the backs of their necks.

Some owls keep blind snakes in their nests as helpful associates, reducing the abundance of nest parasites.

Sea snakes are often thirsty and dehydrated; they are dependent on rainwater, which accumulates as a thin layer on the surface of the ocean.

Left-spiraling snails are generally as rare as left-handed humans, especially because left and right spiraled snails can't mate together easily, but in Japan, snakes gobble up righties easily but can't bite into the lefties, so there are way more lefties.

There is a rare snake that has iridescent rainbow colored scales called a sunbeam snake.

Karl Patterson Schmidt, an herpetologist (amphibian expert) who was fatally bitten by a boomslang snake and, knowing he would die, created a scientific account of his own dying process by keeping track of his symptoms right until the very end of his life.

The deadliest sea snake, the beaked sea snake, is actually two look-alike species. Both look identical and are equally deadly.

Ringneck snakes are venomous.

Scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid on earth at $38,858,507.46 per gallon far surpassing Thailand cobra venom which is $152,835.82 a gallon.

The Acanthophis snake is known as the Death Adder but that name is, somewhat ironically, a mishearing of the original name 'Deaf Adder' which comes from the fact that, unlike other snakes, they do not run away from human disturbance.

There have never been snakes in Ireland because being cold-blooded, they couldn’t survive the frozen ground during the ice age in the past.

The decapitated head of a dead snake can still bite hours after death. Because dead snakes can't regulate how much venom they inject, such bites can often contain large amounts of venom.

Vava Suresh of India, who has caught 30,000 snakes including 300 king cobras, has survived over 250 snake bites and has had to be put on the ventilator at least five times, declined a government job offer, because then he would not be able to help people when the need arises.

A photographer who survived a black mamba bite without treatment. Only later did he discover that he captured the moment he was bitten on his camera.

The "Cobra Effect" is where a solution for a problem actually makes the problem worse.

Some snakes experience forces upwards of 28 Gs. For reference, fighter jet pilots experience 2-5 Gs when taking off.

Peng Fan, a Chinese chef, died after a severed cobra head bit him while he was chopping its body to make soup.

Brown tree snakes, when inadvertently introduced to Guam from the Solomon Islands, have eaten the entire island population of native birds and bats. To combat the population of snakes, the government has dropped dead mice packed with Tylenol into Guam's dense jungle canopy.

Cobras preserved in Asian medicinal "snake wine" can hibernate in the bottle, awaken, bite, and even kill you after over 3 months.

Kevin Buddin, an amateur herpetologist, captured a six-foot Taipan (the third most venomous land snake in the world) alive and, after being bitten, stopped locals from killing it. He died from the bite, but the snake was milked to provide the first Taipan anti-venom.

The inland taipan is considered the most venomous snake in the world. It is estimated that one bite possesses enough venom to kill at least 100 full grown men.

The Band ZZ Top during one of their live stage shows decided to have a mixture of live animals, including vultures, buffaloes, and rattlesnakes on stage, but the buffalo rammed into a tank full of rattlesnakes and released them live on stage.

Due to a robust immune system, Opossums are immune to a variety of deadly snake venom.

King Cobras aren't actually true cobras and are called that because their diet consists of other snakes, including Cobras.

Ball pythons are treated with great care when they happen to wander into a Nigerian village. They are allowed to roam freely or gently picked up and placed out in a forest or field. If one is accidentally killed, many towns build a coffin for the snake's remains and give it a short funeral.

The Indian cobra, Common Krait, Russell's viper and Saw-scaled viper are often referred to as the "big four" because they are the four venomous snake species responsible for causing the most human snake bite cases in the Indian Subcontinent.

There's a 'spider-tailed' viper that tail mimics the appearance and movement of a spider in order to lure prey.

An 11-year-old reticulated python named Thelma had a virgin birth at the Louisville Zoo in KY, producing six female baby snakes with no male snake ever coming near her. The zoo curator speculated it was due to optimal living conditions and that he had fed the snake 40 pounds of chicken.

50,000 people a year die from snakebites, but only about 5 die in Australia, where the deadliest snakes live.

If a snake gets too hot then it may get so confused that it mistakes its tail for prey, and tries to eat itself until it dies.

The only plane allowed to fly on 9/11 after the attacks was a plane from San Diego to Miami delivering anti-venom to a man bitten by a highly poisonous snake it was accompanied by two jet fighters.

An Island off Brazil is Estimated to have 1 Golden Lancehead Viper Per Square Meter.

Anacondas kill prey by wrapping several coils around the creature, waiting for it to exhale, and with each exhalation, the anaconda tightens its coils so the creature cannot re-draw breath, asphyxiating prey much faster and effectively.

The word Anaconda originated from Tamil. anai-kondra meaning elephant killer.

The heads of two-headed snakes fight over food if the vision of each other is not blocked while being fed.

Pigs are immune to snake venom, a trait shared with mongoose, honey badgers, and hedgehogs.

An Indonesian pop star died on stage after she was bitten by the snake she was dancing with she kept performing for 45 minutes before succumbing to the cobra’s venom.

A snake's heart can move around its body to protect it from harm when it's eaten large prey.

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Amazing Facts About Snakes

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