Amazing Facts About Uruguay

The national anthem of Uruguay is the longest national anthem in terms of duration worldwide. It usually takes six minutes to sing it.

Based on the Corruption Perceptions Index published by Transparency International Uruguay is the least corrupt country in Latin America.

The country of Uruguay is named after the largest river of the country – the Río Uruguay. The name of the river is the Spanish interpretation of the Guaraní language word the inhabitants of the region used for it and means “river of the painted birds”.

Uruguay is the only country in Latin America situated completely south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Uruguay is the only country whose name in English has the same letter three times in its first five letters.

The former president of Uruguay – José Mujica – earned a monthly salary of 12,000 US-Dollar during his time as president. However, he donated 90 percent of his salary to charities that benefit poor people and earned himself the nickname “the world’s poorest president”.

Uruguay’s official national motto is “Libertad o Muerte” which means “Liberty or Death”.

In 2009, Uruguay became the first country in the world to have given one laptop and Wi-Fi to every primary school student for free.

The only Olympic gold medals Uruguay has ever won are for soccer at both the 1924 and 1928 Olympics.

Uruguay is the only country in South America which is entirely outside of the tropics.

The highest point in Uruguay is Cerro Catedral at just 1,684 feet (514 meters) above sea level.

Since 2013, every citizen of Uruguay is allowed to buy 40 grams of marijuana at a pharmacy for their own personal use. Due to the good price of one dollar per gram, as specified by the state, many former drug lords have left the now unprofitable drug business.

London has almost three times as many inhabitants as Uruguay.

Houses in Uruguay are not marked with numbers as in other countries but instead are all having their own specific name.

Uruguay is one of only two countries in Latin America where abortion is legal on request. The other country is Guyana.

Uruguay legalized same-sex marriage in May 2013. This was even before the U.K. did so.

The small city of Minas in Uruguay has set a world record for hosting the largest barbecue ever.

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