Episode 1: The Last Pharaoh

Episode 2: The Dark Pyramid

Episode 3: The Judgement of the Labyrinth

Episode 4: Path of the Warrior

Episode 5: The Shadow of Exaton

Episode 6: The Claws of Sobek

Episode 7: No Mans Land

Episode 8: The Seal of Sekhmet

Episode 9: The Prisoner of the Desert

Episode 10: The Destroyer

Episode 11: The Well of Darkness

Episode 12: The Great River

Episode 13: The Battle of the Champions

Episode 14: The Raiders of the Sea of Sand

Episode 15: Lost in Time

Episode 16: The Giants of Sand

Episode 17: The Heart of Shu

Episode 18: The Hidden Enemy

Episode 19: The Queen of Darkness

Episode 20: The Lost Airplane

Episode 21: Air Raiders

Episode 22: The Feather of Maat

Episode 23: Threat from the Sky

Episode 24: The Gate of the Mummies

Episode 25: Firestorm

Episode 26: Ra's Room

An ancient civilization lost in time and space, is coming back - the Egyxos. They are incredible creatures gifted with superpowers split into two factions endlessly battling for the domination over their kingdom. During the fighting between the two warrior brothers Kefer and Exaton, the earthly boy Leo is involved despite his will. He doesn't know he has inherited a great power - The last Pharaoh's one. Once Leo finds out his gift, his life will change forever and a big adventure between two worlds, where danger is always lurking, will begin.

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