Inspector Gadget's: Biggest Caper Ever

Metro City’s Mayor Markham decides that Metro City needs a tourist attraction to bring tourists to town. When a living, prehistoric Giant Flying Lizard egg is discovered under the Metro City Jail, the Mayor thinks all his problems are solved. But Doctor Claw and his underlings kidnap the egg so he can use the Giant Flying Lizard to help him dominate the world! Gadget sets out to rescue the egg… which hatches out and thinks Gadget is its lunch! Meanwhile, Penny, Brain, and Gadget’s assistant Loony set out to rescue Gadget from Claw. But the baby Giant Flying Lizard is hungry, and, it turns out, it eats metal! Gadget has to save the city when the Giant Flying Lizard grows to the size of a bus and goes on a rampage! It’s a thrill ride in the sky as Gadget tries to evade the sharp claws and snapping jaws of the rapidly-growing, metal-eating, city-stomping lizard—made even more incredible in brilliant 3-D animation!

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Inspector Gadget's: Biggest Caper Ever - Watch Cartoon Online

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