Lion of Oz

In the plains of Nebraska, the Omaha Magnificent Circus has a popular attraction: a brave, young LION. While the customers gather around the bold Lion, he looks wistfully through the bars of his cage... yearning to accomplish a brave feat, something befitting the King of the Forest. But how can he do this trapped in his cage?

That night, after the circus closes, his one and only friend, OSCAR DIGGS, the daring and flamboyant balloonist, releases Lion from his cage. Oscar invites Lion aboard his balloon for a quick ride above the circus. Lion quickly scrambles into the balloon's basket and Oscar slips a colorful ribbon around his neck, proclaiming it Lion's very own BADGE OF COURAGE. Lion beams, proud of his badge and moved by Oscar's gesture, they soar up in the hot air balloon... the wind at their feet... and Oscar SINGS A SONG OF COURAGE AND FRIENDSHIP. But then -- just as they climb up into the clouds, a mysterious thunderstorm strikes, sweeping Oscar, Lion and the balloon away to THE LAND OF OZ.

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