Little Treehouse Singles

A Sailor Went To Sea

Jack Be Nimble

Sing A Song Of Sixpence

Three Blind Mice

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

12345 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Lion and the Unicorn

Hush Little Baby

The Bunny Song

The Opposites Song

Ding Dong Bell Collection

Itsy Bitsy Spider Cars

Five Little Ducks

Blue Wheels On The Bus

Halloween Night Cars

Hello Its Halloween

Its Halloween Night

Kids Nursery Rhymes Songs Collection

Happy Birthday

Pat A Cake

Are You Sleeping Brother John

Welcome to the mystical lands of the Little Treehouse of Rhymes! Where you're taken on a journey across time and imagination, in the form of visually appealing educational rhymes. We endeavour to make traditional rhymes more relevant where the moral of each story is taught in a fun, educational manner with a nice little surprise at the end of each video.

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Little Treehouse Singles - watch cartoon online

A cartoon for a child is an irreplaceable source of knowledge, a unique simulator for children's imagination, it can provide parents with invaluable assistance in raising a child. The lessons that the cartoon presents to the kid in an entertaining and accessible form are easy to remember and do not look like moralizing, they are clear and visual.

For our viewers, we have collected the most popular, kind and useful cartoons on the My Fairytale Town website.