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Gulliver's Travels

After the shipwreck, the ship's doctor Lemuel Gulliver finds himself in the country of Lilliputia, in which small, 12 times fewer people live, little men - Lilliputians. They capture Gulliver. Later, the local emperor takes a vassal oath from him with a promise of obedience and releases him.

Gulliver, who took the oath of Lilliput, gets involved in a war between her and the neighboring state of Blefuscu, inhabited by the same race. He captures the enemy navy and decides the war in Lilliput's favor. The emperor decides to completely enslave Blefuscu, where the unfinished blunt points are hiding and requires Gulliver to hijack all the other ships of the enemy, but the main character does not want to act as an instrument for enslaving the people of Blefuscu.

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