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The Gardener and the Family

The main characters of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Gardener and Gentlemen" are wealthy nobles and their gardener Larsen. The nobles had a beautiful country house, and the house had a garden and a vegetable garden, which were looked after by the gardener. Behind the garden was a plot on which two old trees grew. These trees have long been a favorite habitat for crows and rooks. The gardener dreamed of cutting down trees, which were almost dry from old age and spoiled the view of the garden, but the owners did not allow him to do this. They believed that old trees with bird nests give their estate a unique look.

One fall, a violent storm broke the old trees that upset Larsen so much. On the vacated plot, the gardener planted simple field and forest plants. But since he was a good gardener, he planted them so that the site became especially beautiful. In place of the fallen trees, the gardener installed two tall poles. On one of them he raised the Danish flag, and on the other he was entwined with hop shoots, and on it Larsen arranged a bird feeder.

The gentlemen just shrugged their shoulders, looking at the efforts of their gardener. However, on New Year's Eve, an engraving depicting the estate and a laudatory article about the revival of ancient traditions appeared in the capital's magazine. The owners of the estate then began to fear that they would have to be proud that they had such a wonderful gardener.

But they didn’t do this, because they remembered that they were the masters, and Larsen was their servant, whom they could expel at any moment. And they did not chase him away only because they considered themselves good people.

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