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The Old Street Lamp

An old street lamp fears what will happen to him tomorrow: his fate should be decided by the 36 main fathers of the city. He recalls the people who passed by him and the emotions they experienced. He fondly thinks of the watchman and his wife - his main friends, practically the lantern's family. Most of all, the lantern was afraid that after being melted down he would forget everything.

Suddenly the wind appeared. HE made a gift to the lantern: the lantern will remember everything and will be able to show it to others. Only for this, a wax candle must be lit in the lantern. A drop of water gave the lantern the ability to turn into rust at any moment when it wanted.

The old lantern went to the watchman and his wife, they gave him a place in their little room. All this time, the lantern wanted to be lit so that he could show people wonderful pictures. They lit it only once on a big holiday, but not with a candle, so the lantern was never able to use its gift.

The tale ends with the lantern ceasing to worry about its abilities and finding peace of mind. He understands that the main thing is the old watchman and his mistress, they are his family, they love him.

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