My Dog Song (Bingo)

There are so many wonderful moments with our dog, Bingo! Dance and sing together with the furriest member of our family!


I have a Puppy
His name is Bingo
I have a Puppy
Cute as a rainbow!

I love his tail
and smiling face
He makes me happy
In any place!

“Come Bingo!”
“Good Boy!”

We run and play
If he could pick,
His favorite game
Is “Get the stick!”

“Bingo! Fetch!”
“Good Boy!”

I lost my lamb
The other day
Bingo found it!
“Hip Hip Hooray!”

“Give Bingo!”
“Good Boy!”

I train him to
Do some cool tricks
He is so smart
He learns them quick!

“Shake Bingo!”
“Good Boy!”

And on the days
Bingo is bad
I wag my finger
It makes him sad

“No Bingo!”
“Next time, outside”

When I am sick
Or feeling blue
He stays by me
Through and through

“Thanks Bingo”

We love our Puppy
Yes, it is true.
We love our Puppy
He loves us too.

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