Sea Animal Song

It’s the perfect day to go on a Summer field trip! JJ and friends are having fun with sea animals at the beach. Sing along with us!


These are the things that
Live at the beach
It’s so fun to learn what
Lives at the beach!
These are the things that
Live at the beach!
I love the things at the beach!

I look in the sky and what do I see?
A white seagull flies over me.
Soaring, diving, flap, flap, flap
Flap like the seagull, flap, flap, flap

I look at the sand and what do I see?
A little red crab walks right by me
Crawling, Creeping, click click clack
Crawl like a crab, go click click clack

I look in the tidepool and what do I see?
Clamshells yawn in the deep blue sea
Opening, Closing, snap snap snap
Snap like a clam go snap, snap, snap

I look at the shore and what do I see?
A sea turtle wiggles on the sandy beach
Flippers waving, swish, swish, swish
Wave like a turtle, swish, swish, swish

I look at the beach and what do I see?
Dolphins play in the waves so free
Jumping, diving, splish, splish, splash
Jump like a dolphin, splish, splish, splash

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