The Whipped Cream - The Kaleidoscope + Song

Tom Thomas wants to make whipped cream for a dessert, but doesn't have enough strength to keep shaking it up. Simka and Nolik come up with a different strategy that takes advantage of Chewsocka's desire to get them.

After Tom Thomas breaks his brand new Christmas ornament, Nolik tries to cheer him up with a kaleidoscope. But Tom Thomas’ spirits aren’t lifted until all of the Fixie kids join in to create an extraordinary design.

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The Fixies - The Whipped Cream - The Kaleidoscope + Song - watch online

What do parents do when their three-year-old child starts acting up? They include cartoons. And what do they do when they need something to distract the baby while they are busy with their own affairs? They include cartoons. And what do the children themselves ask for most often? Turn on an interesting cartoon for them!

Indeed, cartoons occupy a significant part of a child's life. The influence of cartoons on the formation of personality is difficult to overestimate. Watching cartoons, the child learns the world, learns to empathize with the characters, give them an emotional assessment, imitates their behavior. In addition, there is a memory training, as the baby begins to remember the names of the characters, a lot of poems and songs.

Empathizing with the characters, children are completely immersed in a cartoon or fairy tale and experience all the events together with the characters. For them, this is a kind of adventure or an interesting journey, and not an empty occupation, as some adults think.

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