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In dreams, the life of consciousness continues, but upon awakening, it is often impossible to remember them, and even more so to explain from the point of view of logic and common sense.

Sleep is the key to the secrets of personality, a sphere of a free spirit, which has its own logic, expressed by the incoherent language of the subconscious, which we understand with great difficulty, which is why the need arose for dream books that allow us to understand the language of dreams. But this language is the language of images, words, situations, actions of everyday life. The subconscious mind selects among them only that which most closely corresponds to the emotional mood of a person. The dream material provides the keys to understanding oneself.

Dreams lead to the knowledge of our own I. They are a reflection of the mental state of a person, and everything that we dream has to do with multiple aspects of our life. A person who is fond of gambling often sees cards in a dream. Many creative people often have nightly insights when ideas for works of art are born.

There are dreams that a person does not remember, they are incomplete, vague, easily disappear from memory and do not mean anything, but there are dreams that seem to "stick" into the memory, you need to pay attention to them. There are many types of dreams, according to some learned oneiromancers, abstinent and reasonable people at any time can see dreams, the meanings of which will be correct. Dreaming is caused by the activity of the brain during sleep, it is the result of the work of memory and imagination. Sometimes people wake up screaming, begging to save their relatives who are far away, and what they see in a dream is often confirmed.

The Arab astronomer and dream interpreter Albumazar believed that dreams seen before dawn are fulfilled in a few days, and those that visit us after dawn - the next day. Scientists such as Ptolemy and Tycho Brahe believed that whether a dream can be considered prophetic or not depends not on the season or time of day, but only on the moon. Some modern dream books are equipped with tables, which indicate on which lunar day the dream will come true, and on which not.

Many dreams cannot be interpreted at all, there are dreams that have a secret meaning and cannot be deciphered.

The ancient interpreters of dreams have developed a special table from which you can find out whether a dream you have seen will come true. According to this table, a dream can come true sooner or later, with a greater or lesser likelihood, depending on which day from the new moon you saw it. Ancient interpreters also give instructions as to how soon dreams that have been dreamed at different times of the day come true. If the dream fell on the time interval from the 4th hour of midnight to the morning, it will come true within either 10 days, or a month, or a year; if it lasted from midnight to 3 o'clock, it will be fulfilled in the third, fourth or fifth year; if from nine o'clock in the afternoon to midnight - not earlier than nine years later. Dreams that occur during the day are mostly fulfilled after seven hours or never.

It is also believed that dreams seen on the first day of the year come true during the same year, dreams seen on the eve of the second day of the year come true within eight months, and dreams seen on the eve of the third day of the year are already half-true.

The table expressing the justice of dreams

Day from the new moon, when the dream had a dream - What does dream mean and when will it come true

1st - The dream is fair, means well-being
2nd - Come true soon
3rd - Sleep empty
4th - Come true
5th - It will come true in very accuracy
6th - The dream is fair
7th - Will not come true soon
8th - May come true
9th - Not an empty dream
10th - Nothing will come true
11th - On the third day it will come true
12th - On the seventh day will come true
13th - On the ninth day will come true
14th - Will come true soon
15th - Soon it will be fulfilled
16th - It will come true very soon
17th - On the nineteenth day it will be
18th - On the twentieth day it will be
19th - Opens in eight days
20th - portends well-being
21st - Exactly will come true
22nd - Nothing will happen
23rd - This dream will not come true
24th - On the twelfth day it will come true
25th - Does not portend anything important
26th - Not dangerous
27th - Not important
28th - On the twenty-fourth day it will come true
29th - Will not be fulfilled
30th - In a month it will be

Dream Book

The language of dreams is the language of images, situations, actions that are reflected in our daily life. How often it happens that, having woken up from a dream, we do not know how to correctly interpret it. What if the event in the dream was a hint or an omen of important events in the future? Or maybe it is the answer to our question, addressed to the Universe? Therefore, there should always be at hand such a collection of dream interpretations that you can trust and that would give you the correct meaning of dreams. On our website you will find the interpretation of dreams in Miller's dream book, Vanga's dream book, Nostradamus' dream book, Hasse's dream book, Freud's dream book and others dream book.