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Miller's Dream Book

To dream of an alley, denotes your fortune will not be so pleasing or promising as formerly. Many vexing cares will present themselves to you.

For a young woman to wander through an alley after dark, warns her of disreputable friendships and a stigma on her character.

Vanga's Dream Book

A restricted or confining situation that you have to traverse on your journey. Limited options.

Hasse's Dream Book

To dream of an alley suggests that you feel limited, restricted, or confined from doing something that you want to do. You feel stuck and don't know how to escape.

Freud's Dream Book

Going through a dark alley in a dream is a presage of the loss of a lover. To be chased by an evil person augurs disgrace. To come to the end of a blind alley predicts the failure of a well-considered plan.

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