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Vanga's Dream Book

Little things or events that annoy and irritate you. Lots of diverse activity requiring energy and attention. Little distractions.

Freud's Dream Book

These may be dreamed of either as examples of industry or as pests. If you dream of watching their industrious and intelligent habits, you are likely to be chastised by someone for not performing your duty. If they are pests, overrunning your living quarters or getting in your clothing, the omen is that you will be the victim of many petty irritations, from which you can escape only by radical measures.

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The language of dreams is the language of images, situations, actions that are reflected in our daily life. How often it happens that, having woken up from a dream, we do not know how to correctly interpret it. What if the event in the dream was a hint or an omen of important events in the future? Or maybe it is the answer to our question, addressed to the Universe? Therefore, there should always be at hand such a collection of dream interpretations that you can trust and that would give you the correct meaning of dreams. On our website you will find the interpretation of dreams in Miller's dream book, Vanga's dream book, Nostradamus' dream book, Hasse's dream book, Freud's dream book and others dream book.