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Miller's Dream Book

Boat signals forecast bright prospects, if upon clear water. If the water is unsettled and turbulent, cares and unhappy changes threaten the dreamer. If with a gay party you board a boat without an accident, many favors will be showered upon you. Unlucky the dreamer who falls overboard while sailing upon stormy waters.

Vanga's Dream Book

Spiritual journey.

Calm and peaceful: An encouraging report on one's progress.

Stormy: Conflicting issues not resolved yet. Can also be signal that emotions are not balanced.

Nostradamus' Dream Book

The boat is a dream symbol for your life and/or business, and the dreamer must pull together all the aspects of this dream to approximate the meaning, such as: the water, whether it is clear, murky, inland lakes, or oceans, was the boat moving, etc., so look up all the dream symbols you can remember and you should be able to glean the sense of your dream. Don't forget to consider idioms; don't rock the boat, we are all in the same boat, and so on.

Freud's Dream Book

Signals seen from a boat forecast bright prospects, if you are upon still water. If the water is turbulent, you are threatened with many cares. If you are with a great party aboard a sailboat, many favors will be bestowed upon you. To dream of falling overboard from a boat foretells irritations.

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