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The Night The Animals Talked

The Night The Animals Talked

The special focuses on an old Norwegian holiday legend regarding the birth of Jesus. The plot focuses on a simple stable, which suddenly is showered with light from the star that guided travelers to the Christ child. The animals stir, and when they awaken they realize they can communicate with each other. At first, the animals use the ability to disparage each other and to establish superiority over each other, especially over the two hogs who are not allowed into the stable. An ox, the apparent leader of the animals, is angered by such behavior, as it reveals they are acting like humans. The animals realize the error of their ways, and attempt to make amends when word reaches them (through the donkey carrying Mary) that an expectant couple desperately needs shelter.

At first, the animals refuse to allow the humans into the manger, as they look down on them and their behavior. But, the animals relent, and Mary and Joseph are allowed into the stable for the night. That night, as the Christ child is born, the animals are overwhelmed with love for each other—even the hogs are allowed into the stable for the first time to see the baby. Then, the animals come to the realization that they have been given the gift of speech to tell the world of the "miracle"--the birth of Christ. However, as they run through Bethlehem, each animal loses his gift, and they return to the stable in silence—but with newfound respect and love for each other. The ox, the last to lose his speech, is left to wonder if humanity will ever understand the miracle it has been given.

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In the "Fairy Tales" section, we have collected for you the most famous and time-tested fairy tales for children, both for reading and audio fairy tales. Thus, you can read interesting fairy tales to your child yourself, or you can listen to audio fairy tales online with him, while doing household chores.

A fairy tale is a very good educational tool: it teaches children love, wisdom, compassion and justice by the example of fairy-tale characters. Thanks to fairy tales, the child is immersed in his magical world, imagining himself as a character, and thus learns from the actions of his favorite hero. A fairy tale can help kids understand the world around them, as well as get rid of many complexes and fears; it develops imagination, speech and non-standard thinking.

In addition, reading fairy tales strengthens the family. It creates an invisible thread that connects you and your baby with a common secret about a certain magical world that only you and he know about. Therefore, a fairy tale is one of the best ways to build a relationship with a child.