Instructive Legal Quotes

If an ordinary person parks outside another ordinary person's house for a week, it's considered stalking. If, however, that person is considered newsworthy, it's perfectly legal for paparazzi to do the same thing.
Vince Vaughn

If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.
Julius Caesar

Deceive not thy physician, confessor, nor lawyer.
George Herbert

Avoid lawsuits beyond all things; they pervert your conscience, impair your health, and dissipate your property.
Jean de la Bruyere

Every time a child's promise is cut short by their legal status, our country wastes precious resources and loses talent we need.
Wendy Kopp

The trouble with law is lawyers.
Clarence Darrow

A lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit.
George Herbert

Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected.
Alan Dershowitz

Torture is such a slippery slope; as soon as you allow a society or any legal system to do that, almost instantly you get a situation where people are being tortured for very trivial reasons.
Iain Banks

Lawsuit: A machine which you go into as a pig and come out of as a sausage.
Ambrose Bierce

Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.
Jonathan Swift

I think lawyers who engage in pro bono service to protect those who cannot help themselves are truly the heroes and the heroines of the legal profession.
Janet Reno

Make your educational laws strict and your criminal ones can be gentle; but if you leave youth its liberty you will have to dig dungeons for ages.
Michel de Montaigne

I am the inferior of any man whose rights I trample under foot.
Robert Green Ingersoll

Love is moral even without legal marriage, but marriage is immoral without love.
Ellen Key

Laws are the sovereigns of sovereigns.
Louis XIV

Women are emerging as a major force for change. Countries that have invested in girls' education and removed legal barriers that prevent women from achieving their potential are now seeing the benefits.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Americans have grown a great deal more realistic about lawyers and the law. I think that's all for the good. A lot of people will say to you these days, 'If you are looking for justice, don't go to a courtroom.' That's just a more realistic perspective on what happens in the legal process.
Scott Turow

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and the public is entitled to know what the legal views of a Supreme Court candidate are.
Ayelet Shaked

I'm trusting in the Lord and a good lawyer.
Oliver North

Each day, each one of us chooses not to do many things that would be legal but offensive to those around us.
Ralph Peters

Laws grind the poor, and rich men rule the law.

Justice is the sum of all moral duty.
William Godwin

Law is born from despair of human nature.
Jose Ortega y Gasset

Make crime pay. Become a lawyer.
Will Rogers

Justice delayed is justice denied.
William E. Gladstone

Law is valuable not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.
Henry Ward Beecher

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.
Potter Stewart

Lawless are they that make their wills their law.
William Shakespeare

Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character.
Robert E. Lee

It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive.
Earl Warren

Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.
Saint Augustine

Lawyers are the only persons in whom ignorance of the law is not punished.
Jeremy Bentham

Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.
Mark Twain

Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.
Louis D. Brandeis

Crime and bad lives are the measure of a State's failure, all crime in the end is the crime of the community.
H. G. Wells

If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.
Louis D. Brandeis

Justice consists in doing no injury to men; decency in giving them no offense.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

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