Interesting Facts About Pizza

93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month.

In the first "real-world transaction with Bitcoin," a programmer paid 10,000 bitcoins for 2 large Papa John's pizzas. 4 years later, those bitcoins were worth 5.12 million dollars.

The pizza wasn't popular in the U.S. until after World War 2, when U.S. troops including Dwight Eisenhower returned home from occupied Italy with an appreciation for Italian pizza.

In the late 80's and early 90's McDonalds brought in the McPizza as part of their dinner menu. Customers who were used to fast service were irritated by the long wait times for made-to-order pizza and it was discontinued. Some franchises were left with pizza ovens they paid fifty grand for.

An elderly woman named Jean Wilson from Memphis ordered pizza every day for 3 years straight was saved by a delivery woman named Susan Guy when she failed to place an order for 3 days.

A pizza with bacon and egg on it is a common offering at Australian pizza places.

A popular dish in Scotland is a frozen pizza folded in half, dipped in batter and deep fried. It is usually served with salt and vinegar.

Frozen pizza is so popular in Norway that when a popular brand released a new jingle, it reached #1 on the Norwegian charts.

The Hawaiian Pizza was invented in Canada and is the most popular pizza in Australia, accounting for 15% of pizza sales.

An airline pilot ordered 30 pizzas for his passengers, after finding out they would be delayed 2 hours for weather. The pizzas were delivered within 30 minutes by Domino’s and were cleared by security and sent directly to the plane in an official airport vehicle.

There is a pizza place in Alaska that delivers pizzas to remote areas by plane, with no charge for delivery.

The pizza Margherita owes its name to Italy's Queen Margherita who in 1889 visited the Pizzeria Brandi in Naples. The Pizzaiolo (pizza maker) on duty that day, Raffaele Esposito created a pizza for the Queen that contained the three colors of the new Italian flag.

In 2007, a convicted murderer named Philip Workman declined a last meal, instead requesting a large vegetarian pizza given to a homeless person in Nashville. His request was refused, but in response, people all over the state donated pizzas to homeless shelters.

There are pizza farms where all the ingredients to make the pizza they sell is grown on the farm.

Detroit-style pizza is a style of chewy pizza that is baked in a square pan, which is often not a pizza pan but instead a tray that was originally made to hold small industrial parts in factories.

Little Caesar's makes only a 0.90 cents profit on a $5 hot and ready pizza. $3.50 goes to the ingredients and 60 cents for overhead.

Pizza Hut began offering online pizza ordering in 1994.

A pizzeria named Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai has launched the pizza magnet technology where a customer has to do is push a button, and a pizza is on the way.

The price of pizza has matched, with uncanny precision, the cost of an NYC subway ride for 50 years. Economists have named it "The Pizza Principle."

The Bungie Studios team consumed more than 20,000 pounds of pizza, 24,000 gallons of soda and more than a half ton of bananas during the three years it took to develop “Halo 3.”

The first pizzeria named Lombardi's pizza in the US opened in 1905 and still runs until this day, it even offered $0.05 Pizza's for its 100th Birthday.

Lady Gaga once bought $1000 worth of pizza for fans waiting in line for her.

The hacker group, UGNazi, took down the Papa Johns website because their pizza was 2 hours late.

The 99 cheese pizza from TMNT is real.

In 2015, San Jose police stopped a man from committing suicide by sending him a Margherita pizza and phone for negotiating using a bomb disposal robot.

One of the earliest frozen pizza companies was actually run by a family named Pizza.

A clinic in Cape Cod once offered a coupon for a free pizza as part of their March Madness Vasectomy promotion, so men can watch the basketball games while on couch rest and get a free pizza.

In 1970, Bill Murray worked part-time at a Little Caesars and was so poor he would eat raw pizza dough when no one was looking.

A large pizza in Australia (11") is smaller than a medium pizza in the US (12").

350 slices of pizza are consumed each second in the USA.

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