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During the Korean War, USA launched Operation Paul Bunyan to cut down a tree located in the Korean Demilitarized Zone because it was blocking the view of an area. They sent in tanks, Special Forces, various other vehicles, Tae Kwon Do experts, soldiers with M-16s, grenade launchers, mines, helicopters, artillery, etc., all to cut down a tree.

Before coffee became popular, beer was the most popular drink to go with breakfast in the USA.

GPS is wholly controlled by the USA and can be ‘switched off’ at any time.

All the presidents of the USA except Martin Van Buren are descended from King John of England.

Atheists in the USA have disapproval rates higher than those of Muslims and homosexuals.

Millions of disposable chopsticks used in China are made in the USA.

The award-winning “Aussie Shampoo”, whose brand logo is a kangaroo, is sold in Europe, Britain, and the USA but not Australia. The company is based out of Ohio.

The Bikini Atoll's flag is similar to the USA flag, but with black stars representing islands destroyed by nuclear testing, to serve as a reminder of the debt the US still owes them for nuclear fallout and radiation poisoning.

8th January 1836 is the last day in history that the USA had no national debt.

In the USA, you are statistically about twice as likely to kill yourself rather than be murdered.

Forest growth in the US has exceeded harvest since the 1940s, and the USA has more trees now than at any time in the past 100 years.

Carbon Monoxide is used in the USA to make meat appear fresher. This practice is banned in Canada, Japan, Singapore, and the European Union.

The USSR and the USA were originally in talks to jointly go into space together during the Cold War. The USSR almost accepted but then President Kennedy was assassinated and the Soviets didn’t trust Vice President Johnson, so the plan fell through.

Nearly 80% of people who die from drowning in the USA are male.

The last man (James W. Rodgers ) to be executed by firing squad in the USA asked for a bulletproof vest as his last wish.

A scientist at the University of Florida, USA, grew a "living 'brain" a network of 25,000 rat brain cells" that when "connected to an array of 60 electrodes that can interact with a computer" learned to fly a simulated F-22 stealth fighter jet in a range of weather conditions.

Russia (Big Diomede) and USA (Little Diomede) are only 3.8km apart at the nearest point.

Every 19 minutes in the USA a baby is born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome due to an addiction to opioids. That’s 27,000 reported cases in 2013, a 5x increase since 2003, and many states aren’t required to report cases if the mother was taking painkillers or narcotics prescribed by a doctor.

Sliced bread was briefly banned in the USA in 1943 as a wartime conservation measure.

During the Cold War, USA considered airdropping enormous condoms labeled “Medium” into USSR, to demoralize them against an anatomically superior American Army.

Most cheerleading apparel and equipment brands in the USA are owned by just one company (Varsity Brands), which also owns almost all of the regulatory bodies, and also runs the national competitions.

Smallpox is the first and only disease that has ever been eradicated. Smallpox now only exists in high-security labs in Russia and USA. Vaccinations played a major role in achieving this eradication.

The USA is leasing the Guantanamo Bay land from Cuba and writes them annual checks, which Cuba does not recognize and has never cashed them for decades.

While the USA is the only average for racial diversity, it is one of the highest in the world in willingness to have other races as neighbors.

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan accused Russia of using chemical weapons against rural farmers in Laos after yellow droplets fell from the sky and splattered the landscape, followed by dying plants, animals, stomach problems in humans. The USA started ramping up production of chemical weapons in retaliation. All this happened because of false lab results. The yellow droplets turned out to be naturally occurring bee excrement falling from the sky.

In 1967, protesters in the USA requested a permit to levitate the Pentagon 300 feet in the air, through songs and chants, to exorcise it of its evil and end the Vietnam War. Authorities agreed to only 3 feet.

62% of bankruptcies in the USA are due to medical bills. Almost 4/5th of these people had health insurance but went bankrupted anyway because of co-payments, deductibles and uncovered services. Others got so sick that they lost their job and then lost their insurance.

It is cheaper to fly to the USA from Australia to buy Adobe’s Creative Suite than to buy it within Australia.

A 400-year-old bonsai tree survived the nuclear blast of Hiroshima in 1945. Later the tree was presented to the USA as a gift and it is still flourishing in National Arboretum (Washington, D.C.) and past of the tree remained hidden till 2001.

People in the USA used to drink 48 gallons of coffee per person per year in 1948, but today they only drink 23 gallons, partly due to soft drink companies marketing sugary sodas as healthy, and coffee as a poison that caused heart disease and birth defects in the 1970s. Soda is now a leading cause of diabetes and obesity.

In 1995, WHO study that stated “Occasional cocaine use does not typically lead to severe or even minor physical or social problems” was never published because USA threatened to withdraw US funding for all WHO research projects.

The first ever copyrighted motion picture in the USA was one in which one of Thomas Edison's assistants, Fred Ott, was filmed sneezing in 1894.

The USA recruited 1500 German scientists, technicians, and engineers from Nazi Germany and created false employment histories and expunged Nazi Party memberships and regime affiliations from the public record.

Besides the USA only 1 other nation has ever built a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, France.

740 Park in Manhattan is currently home to the highest number of billionaires in the USA.

Shirō Ishii was the head of Japan's Unit 731 during World War 2. His unit conducted physiological human experiments such as vivisections, forced abortions, and simulated strokes, heart attacks, frostbite, and hypothermia. Ishii and his team managed to negotiate with the USA and receive immunity in 1946 from war-crimes prosecution in exchange for their full disclosure of germ warfare data based on human experimentation.

There actually were chemical weapons found in Iraq during the first and second Gulf War which resulted in Saddam's execution. The USA government was too embarrassed to admit it at that time because it helped in the production of those chemical weapons.

The USA was one of the only 7 countries to vote against setting up of the International Criminal Court, along with China, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Qatar, and Yemen.

One of the Founding Fathers of USA, Benjamin Franklin had a theory that caused him to believe that nudity was good for you. To avoid getting sick, Franklin came up with something he called an “air bath.” He would open the windows of his house to increase air circulation and then sit in front of the window in the nude, presumably to get the full effects of the increased airflow. He also used to take outdoor baths, where he would just walk around/spin around naked to use the air to clean himself.

In 2015, a report found 100+ Walmart products labeled “Made in the USA” that are actually made elsewhere.

The USA originally denied that atomic bombs caused lingering radioactivity, calling such claims Japanese propaganda. The New York Times ran an article with the headline "No Radioactivity In Hiroshima Ruin," citing only military sources and ignoring eyewitness accounts of radiation sickness.

Slavery was nearly abolished in the USA in 1784, but the motion fell short by just one vote.

The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas is the only place in the USA where you can find naturally occurring diamonds. It is open to the public, and you can keep any diamond you find, regardless of the size.

In 1973, Mao Zedong told Henry Kissinger China had a surplus of women and offered the USA 10 million Chinese women.

When USA’s first space station Skylab crashed in Australia in 1979, Australia issued USA a fine of A$400 for littering, which remained unpaid for 30 years.

If women wouldn’t have voted in USA elections between 1968 and 2004, the Republicans would have swept all presidential elections (except one).

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