Logic Puzzles

Around The Equator


Two identical trains, at the equator start travelling round the world in opposite directions. They start to-gether, run at the same speed and are on different tracks.

Which train will wear out its wheel treads first?


Naturally, the train travelling against the spin of the earth. This train will wear its wheels out more quickly, because the centrifugal force is less on this train.

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Logic Puzzle: Around The Equator

Logic puzzles are loved by both children and adults. They develop logic, the ability to analyze and summarize data, look for possible solutions, form a strategy, and check data for reliability. Trying to solve a logical task, a person uses different variants of logical schemes, thereby increasing the knowledge available to him.

A variety of logic puzzles are mathematical puzzles that require not just the inclusion of logical thinking, but also knowledge of the laws of mathematics.

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