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Baxter's Dog


Anderson set off from an hotel at San Remo at nine oc1ock and had been walking an hour when Baxter went after him along the same road. Baxter's dog started at the same time as his master and ran uniformly forwards and backwards between him and Anderson until the two men were together. Anderson's speed is two, Baxter's four, and the dog's ten miles an hour. How far had the dog run when Baxter overtook Anderson?

My correspondent in Italy who sends me this is an exact man, and he says, "Neglect length of dog and time spent in turning." I will merely add, neglect also the dog's name and the day of the month.


It is obvious that Baxter will overtake Anderson in one hour, for each will be 4 miles from the hotel in the same direction. Then, as the dog has been running uniformly at 10 miles an hour during that hour, he must have run 10 miles! When a friend put this problem before a French professor of mathematics, he exclaimed: "Man Dieu, queUe serle!" quite overlooking the simple manner of solution.

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Logic Puzzles