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Find The Distance


A man named Jones set out to walk from A to B, and on the road he met his friend Kenward, ten miles from A, who had left B at exactly the same time. Jones executed his commission at B and, without delay, set out on his return journey, while Kenward as promptly returned from A to B. They met twelve miles from B. Of course, each walked at a uniform rate throughout. How far is A from B?

I will show the reader a simple rule by which the distance may be found by anyone in a few seconds without the use of a pencil. In fact, it is quite absurdly easy - when you know how to do it.


The distance between the two places must have been 18 miles. The meeting points were 10 miles from A and 12 miles from B. Simply multiply 10 (the first distance) by 3 and deduct the second distance, 12. Could anything be simpler? Try other distances for the meeting points (taking care that the first meeting distance is more than two-thirds of the second) and you will find the little rule will always work.

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Logic Puzzle: Find The Distance

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