Logic Puzzles

The Digits And Square Numbers


All the nine digits are arranged here so as to form four square numbers:

9, 81, 324, 576

How would you put them together so as to form a single smallest possible square number and a single largest possible square number?


The lowest square number I can think of, containing all the nine digits once and only once, is 139854276, the square of 11826, and the highest square number under the. same conditions is 932187456 the square of 30384.

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Logic Puzzle: The Digits And Square Numbers

Logic puzzles are loved by both children and adults. They develop logic, the ability to analyze and summarize data, look for possible solutions, form a strategy, and check data for reliability. Trying to solve a logical task, a person uses different variants of logical schemes, thereby increasing the knowledge available to him.

A variety of logic puzzles are mathematical puzzles that require not just the inclusion of logical thinking, but also knowledge of the laws of mathematics.

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