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The first paper doll, Little Fanny, was produced by the London firm of S&J in 1810, and the first American paper doll , The Story and Adventures of Little Henry, was published by J. Belcar in Boston in 1812. In the 1820s, sets of paper dolls were commonly produced in Europe and exported to America for wealthy children. The first paper celebrity doll is a doll depicting the famous ballerina Mary Taglioni, published in the 1830s. Mass-produced paper dolls began to be produced from the beginning of the 20th century.

Gradually, this type of entertainment became so popular that not only little girls, for whom this game was originally intended, but also their mothers and other adult women in the environment, began to choose clothes for paper dolls.

And today, the interest in paper dolls does not subside, rather the opposite. With the development of the Internet, entire collections of modern and vintage paper dolls, home interiors, tableware, etc. have become available to ordinary users.

You can download or print free paper dolls with cut - out clothes - vintage and modern - on our website My Fairytale Town. Paper dolls in national and modern clothes, with dark and light hair, ballerinas, cartoon characters and fairy-tale princesses, dolls in evening dresses and youth casual clothes, baby doll, as well as dolls in the image of famous actors and actresses.

When printing images with dolls, you can zoom in or out of the drawing to select the desired size of the doll and its clothing.