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Dear friends! We are happy to welcome you to our entertainment portal for children and adults - My Fairytale Town. Here you can always find a lot of useful and interesting entertainment for children of different ages and adults: fairy tales and audio fairy tales, children's coloring pages and coloring books for adults, paper dolls for cutting out, developing logic puzzles, incredible facts about everything and instructive quotes of famous people.

For the proper development of the child, it is very important that he is actively engaged in various developmental activities, not only in kindergarten or school, but also at home, independently or with the participation of parents. And the sooner the child begins to actively learn about the world around him, including through his creativity, the faster he adapts to the social environment.

Self-study at home instills in the child perseverance, diligence, attention to detail and the joy of creating something new.

In addition, educational classes are fun, and they also bring parents closer to their children. By doing something together, you build your relationship with your child and learn to understand each other better.

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